Aims and Scope

Changes in the space surrounding us, resulting from human activities and natural phenomena are becoming more complex. One of the most rapidly developing macro-regions in the world is Central and Eastern Europe, where the process of European integration triggered dynamic changes, having a strong spatial expression. Still imperfect methods of space and landscape management trigger the special need of the search for new, innovative and interdisciplinary solutions.

Planning tools should be used for cross-sectoral, horizontal and vertical spatial coordination. But they can not be separated from operating activities, which are instruments of planning implementation in various spheres. Increasingly important role is played by Landmanagement, related to the Landscape resources management. Indispensable for that are modern methods of social participation. Extremely important to support these processes are modern measurement and informatics methods (Geomatics), often critical for the revolutionary changes in the approach to these issues.

In the current era fragmentary, sectoral activities in space are no longer sufficient, but integrated actions — focused on the use of synergie and the accumulation of the effects of various plans or programs.

The aim of the Geomatics, Landmanagement and Landscape (GLL) journal is presentation, discussion and exchange of scientific thoughts in the stated range.

The editors ambition is to make our magazine presenting a high knowledge and editorial level, which is reflected among other things by fact that, at the end of 2015 year — GLL, after two years of activity has been included in Part B of the list of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland, receiving 6 points. We are also included in international databases of scientific journals, and the members of the Editorial Board are recognized authorities of the world science.

The GLL journal in each of its issues is making efforts to present the results of scientists' researches from different countries and continents, which is undoubtedly a significant added value and allows for the exchange of scientific thought and discussion with a number of border areas.

Urszula Litwin, Jacek M. Pijanowski



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